Sales consultancy for luxury design brands

Furniture, lighting, product and fashion. As we believe the world is a bit more interesting and beautiful with design products around.

Mister Distinguished wants to share these designs with the world. We’re constantly discovering new brands and products and we always want to be surprised and inspired. And we are not adverse to strong commercial activities. As there is so much potential there.

Bridging the gap between creative product design and the market is what we do!

How? We are experts in:

  • Brand agency
  • Sales consultancy
  • Marketing consultancy

Brand agency

Mister Distinguished represents exclusive design brands in one, two or more countries through a steady network of dealers and architects in Europe and abroad.

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Sales consultancy

We help you with all kind of sales support. From country plans, a solid distribution strategy or a sharp discount structure to operational sales questions. You name it, we’re your commercial partner.

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Marketing consultancy

Marketing and sales go hand in hand. What about branding, positioning, value propositions? Or a culture handbook? We know all about it. And hey, we can help you as well with the first steps in your go to market plans. Think of content marketing support, website and webshop optimization or just a damn good newsletter or blog post that generates leads.

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